Maeda En Ice Cream, Mochi, Red Bean 6 Ea

Gourmet bonbons. Gluten-free. Maeda-en's Mochi Ice Cream Bonbons are an East-meets-West frozen dessert. Traditional Japanese-style mochi is wrapped around indulgent American ice cream for a unique delight. Red Bean: Azuki, also known as Red Bean, is believed by most Asian people to be a healthy product which invites good fortune, success, and happiness. The perfect combination of Red Bean and milk helps to create a creamy, unique and rich textured ice cream. Mochi: Mochi, pronounced moe-chee, is a Japanese-style dough made of pounded rice. From the Samurai era to the 21st century, mochi has become a staple in Japanese sweets. Maeda-en handcrafts this Japanese tradition around one of America's favorite treats. Questions or Comments? Call 1-866-Maedaen or visit us at Recyclable. Manufactured in USA.