Maeda En Ice Cream, Mochi, Green Tea 6 Ea

Gourmet bonbons. Made with real matcha (green tea powder). Gluten-free. Maeda-en's Mochi Ice Cream Bonbons are an East-meets-West frozen dessert. Traditional Japanese-style mochi is wrapped around indulgent American ice cream for a unique delight. Green Tea: Maeda-en's signature ice cream. Pure, delicious, using only 100% Matcha (Green Tea Powder) from Japan for an unforgettably rich and aromatic flavor. Blending our high quality, finely milled Matcha powder with milk creates an exquisite, authentic, Green Tea Ice Cream. Brought to you exclusively by Maeda-en. Mochi: Mochi, pronounced moe-chee, is a Japanese-style dough made of pounded rice. From the Samurai era to the 21st century, mochi has become a staple in Japanese sweets. Maeda-en handcrafts this Japanese tradition around one of America's favorite treats. Questions or Comments? Call 1-866-Maedaen or visit us at Recyclable. Manufactured in USA.