Foco Coconut Water, 100% Pure 33.8 Oz

Hydration by nature. In the tropics, coconut water is considered heavenly water due to its ability to naturally hydrate and replace fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise, sports, vigorous work and other daily activities. Harvested from same source, hand-picked, young green coconuts, Foco Coconut Water is a pure, natural isotonic beverage that will hydrate your body as you enjoy its refreshing taste. Lower in calories. Nutrient rich. Delicious. Refuel with nature's heavenly drink - Foco 100% Pure Coconut Water. Try the full line of refreshing Foco Pure Coconut Water flavors! This is a natural product. Taste and color may vary. Natural Sports Drink: 5 Essential Electrolytes: Potassium: Helps recover energy & strength. Sodium: Balances water levels in the body. Calcium: Essential in developing bones & teeth. Phosphorus: Enhances energy storage & supports the absorption of calcium. Magnesium: Supports metabolic systems. Coconut Water: Heavenly hydration. Coconut water. Coconut meat. Endocarp. Exocarp. Rain and coastal waters are absorbed through the roots and naturally filtered by many layers of fibers. Non GMO Project verified. Preserve our environment. Recycle. This Tetra Pak carton is BPA free. Tetra Pak: Protects what's good. Tetra Pak: Tetra Prisma Aseptic. 5 essential electrolytes (K, Na, Ca, P, Mg). 0% fat. No cholesterol. No sugar added. Less calories. No preservatives. All natural. Single source. Gluten free. Not from concentrate. Product of Vietnam.