**Barracuda** Barracuda, also known as Torsilyo to Filipinos, is a fish that is found in tropical and subtropical oceans around the world. Our Barracuda is most often caught off the coast of Mexico. Ranging in size, we mostly offer barracuda between 2 and 4 lbs. Barracudas have been popularized by sport fishing, however they have great flavor and texture that must be tried. It has a mild taste with sweet undertones and a texture that is firm, dense, and meaty. Overall, Barracuda has a lower fat content compared to Tuna and when cooked, it flakes nicely. **Barracuda Dishes:** Escabeche Torsilyo (Sweet and Sour Barracuda); Sinabawang Torsilyo (Barracuda and Vegetable Soup); Paksiw na Torsilyo (Barracuda and Vinegar Stew); Barracuda Spicy Sti-Fry, Deep-Fried Barracuda