Belt Fish (Espada)

**Belt Fish** Belt Fish, also known as Espada to Filipinos or Ribbon Fish to many, is a long and slender fish found in temperate and tropical oceans around the world. Its silvery-metallic exterior has no scales and can be cleaned quite easily. After cleaning, it is usually steaked or sliced. The taste of the fish resembles flounder; it is mild and has a low oil content. Its texture is white, delicate, and flaky when cooked. Shorter methods of cooking work best when preparing Belt Fish to keep it from getting too soft. It is great for pan-frying, grilling, smoking, or stir-frying. **Belt Fish Dishes: ** Crispy Fried Espada (Belt Fish); Espada Paksiw (Belt Fish in Vinegar Stew); Fish Curry, Escabecheng Espada (Sweet and Sour Belt Fish)