Bonito Skip Jack

**Bonito Skip Jack** Bonito is a delicious fish, rich in oil, that can be found in waters around the world. Our Pacific Bonito is wild-caught off the coast of Mexico. The body of the bonito most resembles an Albacore Tuna but can be identified by its dark, greyish-blue color along its back and its silvery, metallic belly. It also has distinct diagonal stripes running along its dorsal fin. Bonito’s fat content moderately increases as the fish grows in size and matures. Most of the bonito we offer is 5lbs or larger. Fish of this size are most often steaked or sliced for portions. The taste of bonito is somewhere between Mackerel and Tuna and its cooked meat is lighter in color than Albacore Tuna. Its high fat and oil content make it ideal to pair with stronger flavored ingredients. Most commonly it is enjoyed grilled, fried, or baked. **Bonito Skip Jack Dishes:** Grilled Bonito Steaks; Fried Bonito Steaks; Baked Bonito with Roasted Potatoes; Ginataang Bonito (Bonito with Coconut Milk)