Fresh Tilapia

**Fresh TIlapia** Not all tilapia is the same. Our Fresh Tilapia, also known as Mojarra in Spanish, is ocean-farmed in Ecuador. It is flown in and delivered fresh to our stores. Ocean Farming contributes to the seafood industry’s sustainability efforts, but it also gives us a chance to see exactly what goes into the food we consume. Our Fresh Tilapia has a slightly sweet taste and is often larger in overall size. Its outer color is darker brown and black in contrast to traditionally farmed tilapia, which has more gray and black tones. It can be easily identified by its “fresh” gill tag. Whether it’s fried or broiled, you can’t go wrong with Fresh Tilapia. **Fresh Tilapia Dishes:** Grilled Tilapia; Deep Fried Tilapia; Sarciadong na Tilapia (Tilapia with Tomato and Egg)