Golden Pompano

**Country of Origin** Farm Raised / China **Golden Pompano** Widely considered by many as “the world’s most edible fish,” Golden Pompano is a favorite amongst Filipinos and many other cultures alike. This premium fish has a soft-textured white flesh, with a mild and slightly sweet taste. Golden Pompano holds together very well in all modes of cooking, making it incredibly versatile. Most often it is prepared and served whole but is also frequently steaked or sliced for soup. Whether it is fried, grilled, boiled, or broiled, Golden Pompano will definitely be the star of any meal being served. **Popular Golden Pompano Dishes:** Sinigang na Pompano (Pompano with Tamarind Broth Stew); Pinangat na Pompano (Pompano with Tomato Broth); Crispy Fried Pompano; Broiled Pompano with Lemon and Herb; Grilled Pompano