**Jumbo Milkfish** Milkfish, known as Bangus to Filipinos, is widely regarded as the national fish of the Philippines. It is easily recognized by its long, silvery body. Milkfish are desired for their high fat belly content and mild, yet subtly sweet taste. The firm texture of the fish makes it an excellent choice for an array of cooking methods. Most commonly, it is fried, used for soups, or stuffed and baked. **Jumbo Milkfish Dishes:** Daing na Bangus (Deep Fried Butterflied Milkfish); Bangus Paksiw (Milkfish in Vinegar Stew); Rellenong Bangus (Stuffed Milkfish); Sinigang na Bangus (Filipino Milkfish with Tamarind Broth Stew)