Parrot Fish

**Parrot Fish** Parrot Fish, also known as Loro to Filipinos, is a tropical fish that is recognized by its bright colors and mouth that resembles a beak. Although it may not be as popular outside of tropical regions, it is a delicious fish. Because of its diet, it has a unique and sweet flavor that many would compare to shellfish. Despite its firm exterior, its white meat is actually quite tender. Its popularity in tropical areas around the world also means there are plenty of different cultural-inspired recipes available. Parrot fish is most commonly cooked by frying, steaming, or baking. **Parrot Fish Dishes:** Loro Paksiw (Parrot Fish in Vinegar Stew); Ginataang Loro (Parrot Fish and Coconut Milk); Escabeche Lapu-Lapu (Sweet and Sour); Steamed Parrot Fish