Saba Mackerel Norway

**Saba Mackerel Norway** Saba Mackerel Norway, also known to many as Norwegian Mackerel or just Saba Mackerel, is a favorite amongst many different cultures. This mackerel is wild-caught and imported from the cold coastal waters of Norway. Saba Mackerel is easily distinguished by its steel-blue exterior and wavy black pattern along its dorsal fin. Desired for its high oil and fat content, Saba Mackerel boasts a stronger ocean flavor with salty notes and a soft flesh. This mackerel has been extremely popular in Japanese and Korean cuisine for quite some time, adding to the versatility and countless ways this fish can be served. **Saba Mackerel Norway Dishes:** Ginataang Mackerel; Teriyaki Marinated Norwegian Mackerel; Pan-Fried Norwegian Mackerel; Grilled Mackerel (Saba Shioyaki); Whole Roasted Mackerel