Canary Cod Steak

**Canary Cod Steak** Canary Cod is a rockfish that is found all along the Pacific Coast. Our Canary Cod is wild-caught, brought in from Mexico, and typically ranges between 2-4lbs in size. The exterior of the fish is mostly bright orange and yellow. Canary Cod is a meaty fish that flakes into large pieces when cooked. It is a light and mild-flavored fish that can easily take on the flavors it is cooked alongside. Most commonly it is deep fried, poached, used in soups, and stir-fry. **Canary Cod Steak Dishes:** Escabecheng Rockfish (Sweet & Sour Rockfish); Sinigang na Rockfish (Rockfish in Tamarind Broth); Deep Fried Canary Cod