Catfish Steak

**Catfish Steak** Catfish, also known to Filipinos as Kanduli or Hito, is one of the most popularly consumed fish in the world. Our Fresh Catfish is farm-raised here in the USA. Catfish has a white, fleshy meat that when cooked creates a dense, moist, and succulent texture. Farm-raised catfish, like ours, tends to have a sweeter and milder taste as opposed to wild-caught catfish. The most popular ways to enjoy our catfish steaks are deep-fried or baked. Catfish steaks can also be used to stir-fry or create rich flavorful soups. **Catfish Steak Dishes:** Guinataang Hito (Catfish and Coconut Milk); Adobong Hito (Catfish Adobo); Sinigang Hito (Catfish with Tamarind Broth Stew); Grilled Catfish