Halibut Steak

**Halibut Steak** Halibut, also known as Dapa to Filipinos, is a delicious premium white flat fish. Halibut is firm and meaty with a mild and subtle sweet taste. Halibut is also a much leaner fish in comparison to others. Its characteristics make it perfect for pairing with bolder seasonings and flavors. When steaked, or sliced, Halibut is great for pan-frying or being used in soups. Our Fresh Halibut is wild-caught and brought in from Mexico. **Halibut Dishes:** Sinigang na Halibut (Halibut in Tamarind Broth); Escabecheng Halibut (Sweet & Sour Halibut); Soy-Ginger Pan Seared Halibut; Fried Halibut Steaks