Squid Jumbo

**Jumbo Squid** Jumbo Squid, also known as Pusit to Filipinos and Calamari to much of the Western world, is one of the most versatile seafood options when cooking. Our Jumbo Squid is wild-caught and imported from New Zealand. Squid tends to have a milder fishy taste, but what really sets squid apart is the tender texture when cooked properly. Squid is rich in collagen and has a naturally chewy texture, but that texture tenderizes with longer cooking methods or with the help of soaking it in citrus juices prior to cooking. The most popular cooking methods for Jumbo Squid include stuffing and grilling squid whole, and slicing squid into rings and then coating in starch for frying. **Jumbo Squid Dishes:** Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid); Inihaw na Rellenong Pusit (Stuffed Grilled Squid); Fried Calamari Rings; Sautéed Chili Squid Stir-Fry