White Perch (Ayungin)

**Country of Origin** Wild / Canada **White Perch** White Perch, also known as Ayungin to Filipinos, has a silvery, slightly golden exterior. Despite its name, white perch is much closer to a bass than a true perch. This flaky white fish has a tender, yet flaky texture when cooked. It has a mildly sweet taste that makes it a great introductory fish for new fish buyers. Also a bonus in many white perch is the delicious roe that many consumers love to enjoy pan-fried. White Perch is most often deep-fried but can also be enjoyed pan-fried or baked. **White Perch Dishes:** Deep Fried White Perch; Pinangat na Ayungin (White Perch Stew with Tomatoes); Pan-Fried White Perch with Lemon and Herb