Yellow Tail Fusilier (Dalagang Bukid)

**Yellowtail Fusilier** Yellowtail Fusilier, also known as Dalagang Bukid to Filipinos, is popular in Southeast Asia and Australia. It can be recognized by its greyish-blue upper body, pinkish-red belly, and distinctive yellow coloring from dorsal fin to tailfin. Our Yellowtail Fusilier is wild-caught and imported from Vietnam. Yellowtail Fusilier is a meaty fish with a mild flavor. When raw, the flesh is soft and tender to the touch, but firms up when cooked. **Yellowtail Fusilier Dishes: ** Sarciadong na Dalagang Bukid (Yellowtail Fusilier with Tomato and Egg); Escabecheng Dalagang Bukid (Sweet and Sour Yellowtail Fusilier); Roasted Yellowtail Fusilier; Fried Yellowtail Fusilier