Yellow Tail Snapper

**Yellowtail Snapper** Yellowtail Snapper, also known as Maya-Maya to Filipinos, is native to the western Atlantic Ocean. Our Yellowtail Snapper is wild-caught and brought in fresh from Brazil. Yellowtail Snapper is similar to Red Snapper in taste, having a mild and sweet flavor and a firm flesh. More recently, it has grown in popularity amongst culinary chefs for its flavor characteristics. **Yellowtail Snapper Dishes:** Escabecheng Maya-Maya (Sweet & Sour Yellowtail Snapper); Deep Fried Yellowtail Snapper; Kinamatisang Maya-Maya (Yellowtail Snapper with Tomato); Steamed Yellowtail Snapper with Ginger; Grilled Yellowtail Snapper with Lemon and Herb