Yellow Tail Steak

**Yellowtail Steak** Yellowtail, also known as Amberjack, is a fish found in different regions around the world. Our fresh Pacific Yellowtail is mostly sourced off the coast of Mexico and ranges in size from 8 to 12lbs per fish. Due to its size, we offer yellowtail steaks to make cooking this wonderful fish much more manageable. Yellowtail has a mild and slightly sweet taste and a firm flesh. Its meat is typically pinkish-red when raw, but lightens in color as the fish grows larger and fat content increases. **Yellowtail Whole Dishes: ** Ginataang Yellowtail (Yellowtail and Coconut Milk); Pan-Seared Yellowtail Steaks; Deep-Fried Yellowtail Steaks; Broiled Yellowtail Steak; Baked Yellowtail Steak with Lemon and Herb