Yellow Tail Whole

**Yellowtail Whole** Yellowtail, also known as Amberjack, is a fish found in different regions around the world. Our fresh Pacific Yellowtail is mostly sourced off the coast of Mexico and ranges in size from 8 to 12lbs per fish. Yellowtail has a mild and slightly sweet taste and a firm flesh. Its meat is typically pinkish, but lightens in color as the fish grows larger and fat content increases. Due to its size, we also slice yellowtail and offer it as steaks. The head and tail are great for grilling or making soups. **Yellowtail Whole Dishes:** Ginataang Yellowtail (Yellowtail and Coconut Milk); Pan-Seared Yellowtail Steaks; Deep-Fried Yellowtail Steaks; Broiled Yellowtail Collar; Baked Yellowtail with Lemon and Herb